Pneumatic speargun Sporasub One Air

Pneumatic speargun Sporasub One Air
Pneumatic speargun Sporasub One Air Pneumatic speargun Sporasub One Air

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Pneumatic speargun Sporasub One Air

 • One Air is an airgun with "cuttlefish" barrel made using a new production process. The inside of the barrel is specially ribbed to strengthen the shaft and eliminate deformation. This shape distributes the air volume to optimise the speargun under water, drastically improving manoeuvring in all directions.
 • The ONE AIR features an 11 mm barrel with a patented vacuum system, the STC X-Power.
 • This system prevents the barrel from filling up with water during loading, and when shooting the piston does not have to overcome the water resistance which is usually present in the barrel. This greatly increases performance to pre-load pressure levels. As the barrel is not flooded, the speargun also performs better under water as it is lighter in weight.
 • The slide release mechanism has three movements and is fitted inside the barrel. This allows the speargun to be fitted with an arbalete-type handle which is bayonet-coupled to the barrel.
 • The hand remains very high on the handle, aligned with the shaft in the barrel and not below the barrel as on traditional airguns, aiding precise, instinctive pointing towards the prey.
 • The handle can easily be removed to offer access to the barrel loading valve. The barrel and mechanism are lubricated by a special grease with a small amount of oil.
 • Supplied as standard: 6.75 mm "nude" Tahitian stainless steel shaft, without a tail fin for fast shooting thanks to the reduced friction.
 • Possibility to assemble and remove the reel without removing the handle.

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