Footpockets C4 300 Line 2.0 EASY FIT WHITE

Footpockets C4 300 Line 2.0 EASY FIT WHITE

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Footpockets C4 300 Line 2.0 EASY FIT WHITE

• The liner 300 is a "traditional shoe" with the right fit and right alike. But here ends the traditional features and the rest is pure innovation:

- Lightness. These shoes are for absolute today the lightest on the market. Do you think that the extent 40/41 single shoe weighs only 316 gr. For those not familiar with the weights of shoes on the market today, we note that the most known (of course the same size) weigh more than 600g. and that the shoe today considered more light on the market weighs 400 grams.

- Shape. We performed a study of the forms and looked for the one best suitable for the foot but at the same time exploited hydrodynamics. If you look closely at the shoe you will notice how every detail, even the junctions between the longitudinal member and the heel, is designed to give continuity and fluidity to form. It should be noted are also the thicknesses. In order to limit the weight, bulk and give maximum comfort on the foot, the thickness of the shoe are minimized.

- The Resistance. Attention, let's talk about breaking resistance / scratch / cuts the material, not to a feeling of stiffness of the material on the foot. To give you an idea the material used is seven times stronger than the material we use for Mustang shoes and the one now used for the production of the vast majority of apnea shoes on the market.

- The Fit. These shoes will be available in 7 different sizes: 36/37 - 38/39 - 40/41 - 42/43 - 44/45 - 46/47 - 48/49. Note that starting from 36/37 extent we can finally wear all the little feet that now struggling to find a shoe for their number.

- The Shops. Thanks to the effective and less weight to the particular shape, this shoe wraps the foot "like a glove", giving a pleasant feeling of comfort and foot / fin connection. The tests allow us to say that this shoe can be used even without shoes if the water temperature allows.

- Aesthetics. glossy black color, because the eye wants its part.

- The material. The material used to produce them is for obvious reasons covered by trade secret, it is a very special mixes specially made by us with our suppliers.

• Warning: these shoes for their particular engagement for now can only be mounted on the blades in the above models, which give the name of the fins of this line: INDIAN, Redfox, FLY,ALLBLACK,SILVERSEA,DEEP SPEARO.
• Color: WHITE.
• The mount is not included.
The price is for a pair!

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