Ermes Sub Trigger Ocean

Ermes Sub Trigger Ocean
Ermes Sub Trigger Ocean Ermes Sub Trigger Ocean
Ermes Sub Trigger Ocean

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Ermes Sub Trigger Ocean

• When we designed this mechanism, we had to solve a problem, make this device (back) could also be mounted on wooden rifles, in fact, a normal reverse mechanism, the size of the seat to run for lodging, and the location where would, just in the neck meets the stem, (tenon mortise) inevitably weakening the structure of the junction with the possibility of breaches that could lead to disastrous consequences.
• We have brilliantly solved this handicap with this device, because the place to contain it will measure only 46 mm long, 16 mm wide and 20 mm deep, resulting in a mechanism which loses about 4 or 5 cm, ending up only about half on 'graft, but not even this half is "carved out" of only 20 mm, with this compromise, the connection is reliable.
• Not for nothing is now standard on the mechanism mounted rifles Hermes. Also in this model is the shock of the shot noise.
• The trigger is ergonomic and is suitable for those who works with modern rifles and exaggerated riding high.
 • Specifications: thickness of 2 mm box with sandblasted titanium antireflection effect, tooth trigger components 6 mm line release 2.5 mm width of the box 16mm, overall length of 65 mm to 46 mm burglary, depth 20 mm, the burglary 20 mm, maximum effort be applied to the trigger pull on 0.800 kg of 100 kg.

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