Speargun Teaksea Beam 85

Speargun Teaksea Beam 85
Speargun Teaksea Beam 85 Speargun Teaksea Beam 85
Speargun Teaksea Beam 85 Speargun Teaksea Beam 85

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Speargun Teaksea Beam 85

• When waters are murky and troubled, when there’s not so much space, basically when contact takes place within a radius not exceeding 3 meters, a very high shooting range is not necessary. What is needed is a very manoeuvrable, easy to aim with, fast and discrete gun.
• The extreme lateral manoeuvrability of the Beam is achieved through a flattened and profiled barrel geometry and a shortened overall length thanks to the reversed trigger mechanism and a very compact head. Manoeuvrability in rocky bottoms and wrecks is eased through a shortened grip and a rubber pad to limit unwanted noises and the small compact reel, reel XS, set in a casing carved in the barrel opposes basically no resistance when displaced in the kelp. The low, profiled shape of gun body allows lifting the rubber bands almost parallel to spear facilitating instinctive aim.
• With such features, spearfishermen in northern European waters, from Portugal to the Baltic Sea, but as well as in the Mediterranean in winter conditions and shallow hunting, will have their cult speargun to succeed with difficult conditions and close encounters.
• In the barrel sunk reel reduce the water resistance.
• The barrel have the shaft reel.
• The trigger mechanism is made of 316 stainless steel.
• Side Line release (left side).
• Ergonomic handle.
• Two bands, diameter 14 mm with dyneema wishbones.
• The quality shaft TRYGONS. Diameter 6 mm, length 110 cm.
• The shaft has one barb.
• The shaft has two Shark Fins.
• The length of the barrel: 99 cm
• The total length of the speargun with shaft: 118 cm
• The weight of the speargun with shaft and bands: 1,7 kg.
• The spearguns will be delivered with shaft, bands and reel.

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