Speargun C4 Mr. Carbon 2.0

Speargun C4 Mr. Carbon 2.0
Speargun C4 Mr. Carbon 2.0 Speargun C4 Mr. Carbon 2.0
Speargun C4 Mr. Carbon 2.0

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Speargun C4 Mr. Carbon 2.0

• Mr. Carbon 2.0 is a monocoque speargun entirely manufactured in 100% high modulus carbon fiber.
• It is an hydrodynamic speargun featuring a rigid barrel for very sharp and stable shooting.
• It is shaped as a cuttlefish bone with a reduced head and a higher volume towards the hand. This shape makes it well balanced and easy to handle in the water.
• It features an integrated shaft guide over the whole barrel.
• The muzzle of Mr. Carbon 2.0 features an exclusive and unique design which allows the traction of the slings to be perfectly parallel to the shaft, maximising propulsion and the exiting velocity of the shaft.
Single or double slings can be assembled on the Mr. Carbon 2.0 muzzle. A line holder, made in stainless steel, is positioned under the muzzle, screwed on the barrel.
• The behindhand triggering mechanism is C4 “Auto-R” and the trigger are entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316. The releasing mechanism is made by punching and nailing which make it rust proof, resistant to wear and extremely solid.
• The triggering mechanism features an integrated line releaser that can be positioned on the left or on the right side. The line holder on the muzzle can also be positioned either on the left or on the right side.
• Mr Carbon 2.0 is sold with two Polypropylene anatomical and adjustable handles. The carbon fiber handle butt is covered in soft thermoplastic material to enhance stability during the charge.
• Mr. Carbon 2.0 features a special fitting to position the reel C4 Hercules and a second fitting on the hilt to position the reel C4 Vertical.
Upon request, the left anatomical handle is also available.
Made in Italy.


• MR CARBON 2.0 65 : Barrel Length: 650 mm – Shaft Length: 1050 mm
• MR CARBON 2.0 75 : Barrel Length: 750 mm – Shaft Length: 1150 mm
• MR CARBON 2.0 85 : Barrel Length: 850 mm – Shaft Length: 1250 mm
• MR CARBON 2.0 95: Barrel Length: 950 mm – Shaft Length: 1350 mm
• MR CARBON 2.0 105: Barrel Length: 1050 mm – Shaft Length: 1450 mm.

Please note! C4 products may not be shipped to the following countries: USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, China, Russia and Ukraine.

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