Fins C4 Blue Flap HT/Stingray

Fins C4 Blue Flap HT/Stingray
Fins C4 Blue Flap HT/Stingray

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Fins C4 Blue Flap HT/Stingray

 • Our studies on the dynamic of fins have definitely never stopped since then and have added further knowledge finalized at an increase in performance and energy saving in use.
 • Now these studies have resulted in the creation of the Blue Flap HT that, thanks to a balanced and careful combination of the construction parameters, will surprise our range of customers attracted by the fins fitted with a traditional footpoket.
 • The Blue Flap HT’s present, as usual for our new models, a sensitive increase in performance levels compared with the previous model.
 • What has changed? Everything is new in the Blue Flap HT blades, starting with appearance that is now much more attractive, with a new and exclusive weaving of the Hypertech "BigSquare" TR50 carbon with large squares and the extremely new designs.
The water rails now have a constant section and the widths are different, now 207mm and the length has now been extended to 890mm and most importantly the degree between the foot and the blade has increased from 25° of the previous Falcon VGR’s to 29° of the Blue Flap HT’s.
 • The Blue Flap HT blades are made from 100% carbon Megaforce T700, a fibre that is 40% more resistant compared with a standard one, they combine an excellent resistance with great elasticity.
The new weave of the Hypertech "BigSquare" TR50 carbon with large squares, drastically reduces the number of intersections of the weaving that cause viscose friction in the fabric itself. As it is less stiff in weaving, the carbon thread can express its exceptional elastic characteristics and low energy absorption in the best possible way.
 • In the Blue Flap HT’s lamination of the layers of carbon also changes, now allowing these fins to bend in second generation D.P.C. (Double Parabolic Curve). We have seen that the curves achieved in this way are extraordinarily efficient in the water and therefore have now been adopted throughout the range of composite C4 fins.
 • Despite their large size, especially in terms of length, the best destination of use of the Blue Flap HT’s is spear fishing and not pure free diving.
 • Thanks to the shape of the coupling, the Blue Flap HT’s are compatible with many others of the most diffused traditional free diving footpoket.
 • The measurements of the Blue Flap HT’s are 890 x 207mm, the inclination of the blades is 29°.
 • The Blue Flap HT’s are manufactured in the normal three levels of rigidity: 25 ( soft ) 30 ( medium ) and 40 ( hard ).
  • Footpocket Omer Stingray.
  • Made in Italy.

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