Computer Seac Sub Jack

Computer Seac Sub Jack
Computer Seac Sub Jack Computer Seac Sub Jack

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Computer Seac Sub Jack

• The Jack is a complete and reliable freediving watch computer, developed by SEAC for the most demanding spearfisherman and freediver… but that’s not all;
• it encompasses a SCUBA mode as well.
• With a special freediving algorithm, the Jack helps reducing the risk of Taravana and Hemopthysis conditions.
• The Jack is your best buddy, not only when immersed, but also for your outdoor and fitness activities via its unique features.
• A lightweight techno-polymer and elastomer design, user-friendly four button intuitive menu, and a graphic LCD display, makes this computer your everyday watch companion.

Unique Features:

    • Reduction of the risk of pulmonary edema/hemoptysis
    • Taravana in free diving/apnea

Other Functions:

    • Outdoor: compass, altimeter, weather forecast, temperature, atmospheric pressure.
    • App: stopwatch, lunar cycle, step counter (fitness).

• Finally, in addition to the functions described until now that are useful only in the water JACK is equipped with other features that make it useful for activities commonly carried out of the water. It’s clearly a watch so it provides you with the exact time and it is equipped with compass, barometer, altimeter, weather forecast, thermometer (air), pedometer (which shows the distance traveled, speed and calories burned), stopwatch, moon phases (ideal for tides ).

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