Speargun Salvimar Atlantis Metal

Speargun Salvimar Atlantis Metal
Speargun Salvimar Atlantis Metal Speargun Salvimar Atlantis Metal
Speargun Salvimar Atlantis Metal

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Speargun Salvimar Atlantis Metal

 • The barrel is made in a top grade aeronautical aluminium alloy with high mechanical performance protected by a blue anodised finish, with added strength from the shoulders of the rail. It is made watertight by double o-rings on the handle and muzzle.
 • The Atlantis is fitted with a Salvimar Wired 8mm 17.4ph hardened shaft with a rest tab and three unique open wired loading tabs, and a heavy duty 85mm flopper.
 • Triple 14mm circular rubbers gives added power for open or blue water hunting of larger fish.
 • Dyneema bridles for easier handling and multiple loading.
 • Built in reel mount, reel is optional.
 • The sternal support can be easily removed, even in the water.
 • The redesigned Salvimar handle features a reverse style mechanism which provides an extra 10cm of shaft travel relative to barrel length. For the optimum in user adjustability, the trigger run has a micro-mechanical adjustment to alter release point.
 • Comes with clear mono-filament shooting line.


 • Continuous rail and open muzzle
 • Shimmering blue anodised finish
 • Salvimar 8mm wired shaft with heavy duty flopper
 • Triple 14mm rubbers
 • Dyneema bridles
 • Reverse stainless mech
 • Removable sternal support
 • Comfortable ergonomic handle
 • Stainless steel dynamic line release right or left option
 • Safety lock and micro adjustable trigger
 • Open shaped muzzle for non-crossing of rubbers
 • Lowered butt for better vision
 • Comes with 1.9mm black mono, crimps & pigtail for rigging
 • Perfect bluewater large fish speargun

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