Omer UP-X1 Umberto Pelizzari

Omer UP-X1 Umberto Pelizzari
Omer UP-X1 Umberto Pelizzari Omer UP-X1 Umberto Pelizzari

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Omer UP-X1 Umberto Pelizzari

New freediving computer developed with Umberto Pelizzari, comes standard with interface and heart rate monitor.

• Characterized by a carbon-fiber ring, the UP-X1 has all the functions of some additional typical top computers and apnea.
• It may be associated with a heart rate monitor and can be used both in the water cone dry during workouts.
• The included heart rate monitor series can be used both in the role of diving, as in a normal heart rhythm.
• The frequency of 5.3 KHz allows data transmission in water.
• The connection to the PC not Mac with the appropriate interface cable and MAESTRO program allows you to download all data related to diving, calorie consumption, maximum depth, water temperature, minimum and maximum heart rate only with the use of heart rate monitor.

- Date and Time
- Size 12/24
- Date format MM / DD or DD / MM
- Daily Alarm
- Dual time

- Maximum depth: 100 meters 328 feet
- Depth: m / ft
- Memory: 250 Max diving records and 16,000 registry entries
- Maximum dive time / hour at the surface: 99 minutes 59 seconds
- Selection of fresh or salt water
- Attendance Record: 1/2/5/10 seconds selectable
- Depth Alarm, and surface interval

Heart Rate
- Encrypted transmission 5.3 K
- Heart Rate Range: 30-240 BPM
- Heart rate alarm

- Range: -20 to 70 C -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
- Grades: Celsius / Fahrenheit

- Max 99H 59M 59S
- Resolution: 0.01 s if it is less than an hour; 1s if more than one hour
- Memory of 10 sessions
- Displays time and part-time session

Countdown Timer
- Max 23:59:59
- Resolution 1 second
- Beep every minute in the last 10 minutes
- Beep every 10 seconds in the last minute
- Beep every second in the last 5 seconds
- Triple Beep for 30 seconds until it reaches zero

- Odometer total and remembrance day

Immersion registration
- Contains the dive time, depth, temperature, max, min, average heart rate / max and calories
- Cancelling the

- Backlighting
- Key Tones and ring time
- Selectable LCD Contrast
- Introduction of personal data - sex, year of birth and weight
- Selection of metric / imperial units
- Energy saving and sleep mode
- Communication of data to PC

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